Call for Papers: Apply to Speak at RISC ’17

Please submit original session and tutorial ideas only. Proposals should include as much detail about the topic and format as possible, for the presentation.

We invite talks that share innovative techniques, get actionable insights, and learn recognised best practices at workshops to secure your Internet of Things or cyber physical system.


• What are the aspects related to cyber security for embedded systems that people need to know if they are building a product for Indian, American or European markets? (any one market)
• Unsung security tools that are currently available and effective, but unused to secure information
• How to get away with hacking — the legal do’s and don’t of working in the cyber security segment for embedded devices
• How should we respond to a breach or other vulnerability?
• Tools and best practices for high-risk users — myths vs. reality for the same
• How to ensure security as small firms scale up devices from prototype to full scale production?
• Using open source tools for securing systems and devices
• What are the cyber security techniques that may be illegal if implemented — things that firms ought to correct in the ideation stage itself?
• Statistics 101 for security: How to read your data and evaluate research results
• Learning from the environment—what’s actually working in securing information?
• Secure vs. cheaper vs. faster—what are the tradeoffs, and how do you work with the business side of your organisation to discuss these?
• How to secure consumer appliances and devices?
• How to fix certain existing vulnerabilities?
• The standards that if implemented could have solved common problems
• Building security in: Dev/Test/Integration tools and processes that help develop secure software
• Hands-on: How to hack a smart bulb, a key fob and a smart home security system


Tips for submitting successful proposals:

  1. Use original ideas, real-world scenarios, relevant examples, and straightforward titles
  2. Limit the scope of your talk: you will not be able to cover everything about your project in 30 minutes, so pick only a useful aspect, technique or insight
  3. Explain the target audience of your session, why people would want to attend your session, and what key element they will take away from it
  4. Share with us who you are, why you’re excited about cyber security, and why we should get excited about seeing you speak
  5. If you are proposing a panel, tell us who else would be on it

Submit your proposals to [email protected]

Important dates:

  • Call for Participation closes on May 05, 2017
  • All proposers notified by May 10, 2017
  • Registration opens by May 15, 2017